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Star To Stand On

3D Success

  • Star To Stand On 1, You Don't Have To Be Strong...

  • STSO  Issue 2: Color Scheduling, Worry For Fun

  • Coming: Imagine Success; Money Magic (with work sheets)

Word Wizard's Wander

  1. A Tasty Theme & Moral

  2. Faster Fiction Writing

  3. Famous Lost Words, a siIly

Coming: Book Making, Preliminary Pieces

 Expect Magic "Postcard" Newsletters

Some favorite quotes Many Merry Holidays

Cosmic Corner/ Imagination Magic

  1. VS Issue 1: Are You An Aware Dreamer, a quiz

Take this quiz and see how you stack up as a dreamer.


Artist's Alley/ Crafter's Corner

Coming next season or so,  creative news, articles, and how-to


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