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Keyboards aren't made for writers--especially fiction writers. We use lots of quotation marks. All that extra shift-jab with our poor overworked little fingers. Ow, how time consuming. Eventually my mind boinked up a suggestion. So I looked at my keyboard and asked myself: "What key do I never use in my writing that is not a shift key?" The options I found were mostly still little finger keys: the accent key, the brackets keys, the equals sign, the slash keys, the number keys. Sometimes I use numbers in my writing; I decided the equals sign would work best for me.

Zip, my writing speeded right up.

Of course, at the end, you have to search and replace those non-quotation marks. (I don't use Word (R) normally, but I tested the handy: turn-this-into-that option, which worked, so, in Word (R) you can have the weird key magically teleport into quotation marks as you go.) (I couldn't get the same feature to work in the version of Word Perfect I have, but the search and destroy method works there.)

So, if you want to speed your writing up, ask yourself the same question; give yourself an answer, and try that key instead of quotation marks a week or so, until you get used to it, and see how much faster you can write.

I noticed. 

Although, of course, it isn't about saving time, it's about: when I'm writing, the faster I can get ideas down before they disappear, the less I lose ideas to the cats wanting in, out, tuna, snuggies, in, tuna, out . . .


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