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Visualizing is not difficult. You do it all the time. You create your life choice by decision using a blueprint of your attitudes, assumptions, beliefs, and values. Visualizing just makes the process of manifesting conscious and purposeful.

Here, I'll show you how easy visualizing is. Imagine a yellow # 2 pencil. Think of your car. Think of your pet(s), your children. Imagine your hair on a bad hair day.

Imagine the sun. That is visualizing.

The most effective visualizing is not only images, but the sensation, the feel, the smell, the taste, the sound (and any other senses you would like to use) of things. Imagine smelling a lemon. Imagine the sound of chalk skreeing across a blackboard. 

Imagine a slurp of hot chocolate. Imagine a sip of coffee. That's more visualizing.

Summer Edition 2005





You, red-colored person, blend with the blue-colored person and result in purple. You both make the purple, but neither are to blame for the purple; purple is just what happens when red blends with blue.

That's a relationship.

Even if a relationship doesn't appear equal in your eyes, you are still putting in your color and the other person is putting in theirs and the blend of color makes the relationship between you.

A red-color person and a blue-color person will always make a purple relationship.

To tune up a relationship you can change the mix by focusing, in a positive manner, on the qualities the person has that you like. Because: what you focus on is what you get more of.




If at first you don't succeed, sleep later.


Expect Magic Pointers


Expecting Magic is a powerful tool. Here are a few pointers to make that expecting work better for you.
Intent is what you intend to accomplish or gain. This includes the motive behind the visualization, meaning the quality of life that you want from whatever magic you are expecting.
Repetition: The average child hears the word "No" 60,000 times in its first 3 years. This is what you are countering. So, repeat, repeat with heart.
Qualities: To make sure what you want is what you are asking for, consider what life qualities the thing or situation you are after represent to you.
Be positive: Focus on what you want, not on what you don't want.

If you are unhappy with any thing in your life, do not focus on what is making you miserable, you will get more of it.

Why not focus on what you don't want? Because you may not like what the universe supplies in regards to asking, basically, for Nothing. Consider that black holes are one of the universes answer to Nothing.
Want one in your life?
Be generic: There is a definite reason for being generic regarding what you ask for-so the universe can bring you an upgrade. 

You will get what youask for. 
So, the universe says, “I have seventy million dollars in ones, but she said she wanted it in twenties. I guess this goes to someone else.”

Be specific: Do use the exact qualities of what you want, to the degree you want them. Meaning: do not ask for what you think you can get, ask for exactly what you want. No sense at all walking the rim of the magic between the manifested and unmanifested asking for second best! 

To be specific, 

focus on the qualities you desire more of in your situation. 

Be inclusive: Rather than limiting with specifics, use specifics to gather in through the use of qualities.


There are a lot of ways 
what you desire
can come to you 
that you may not have thought of.


New Products


This year's limited edition calendar celebrates various Goddesses and Gods-my favorites and volunteers.

The months are going a bit slow (unlike the real year's months!) because I keep trying to make the "impossible" work. Okay, stop cringing!. Even with the impossible being my creative vision versus the practical, I promise to make sure you can actually turn the pages and get a new month. 

No, really!

Speaking of this year's limited edition calendar . . . TA-DA!! It is the 25th! edition! Yep, the first calendar year was that many moons ago, when I was twelve or something. (Ha. Ha)

Since I decided to whip my finances into shape this year (gasp!) I am passing along the pretty pages I made in the tiger-sized 2006 planner. I mean really: ordinary financial planning pages are excruciatingly bor...ring. I couldn't make myself figure anything on them, much less expenses and evil things like (gak!) bills. 

Now I am wondering how to illustrate that . . . Though, I suppose, a person rolling in $$ could be one picture. <smile!>

When I want to do a book, but can't get motivated enough to put it out by itself, along comes the cub-sized planner. Which means: this year you get edition 2 of "Quote Fantastic" with your 2006 small planner.

What else? Christmas cards are ones you chose a couple years ago, along with a Yule card featuring the Holly and Oak King. (At the summer solstice, the Holly King wins; at the winter solstice, the Oak King wins.)

As usual, the Fall Sampler Packet, featuring all these charming goodies, will rush to you sometime early August so you have plenty of time to preorder and get big savings.

Till then, merry days!



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Articles on the visualization arts are reprints from the Tiger's Expect Magic Imagination Journal (show above, right)


We are such stuff as dreams are made of and our little lives are rounded by sleep.



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