Odin Finds Runes While Hanging Upside Down In A Tree


Though the news is a little old, the runes are still important. Such as these 'runes', which I use here to, communicate to you. 
The Norse runes stand for symbols, which stand for concepts and are used today to seek answers.
Odin, the Norse God of wisdom, battle, and magic, discovered the runes on a vigil. He hung from the Yggdrasil tree for 9 days and nights (August 17 through 25) until he saw his answer on the ground, which he called runes.
We celebrate his name today in our middle of the week day, Wednesday or Woden's Day.
The next so many odd months of 'Expect Magic' Post Card Newsletter will feature the Norse runes (done is pastels and printed in full color) (see the rune for strength to the right) and their meanings. 
When you get the whole set you, too, may find your answers in the runes.


Fall Handprints 2005







“Life demands of us only one strength—not to run away.”


(Dag Hammarskold)




Heal Thyself!

     Once you realize that you need to reverse almost everything you learned as a child, you can heal yourself.

The things to forget are the ways you stop the pain rather than going through the pain or dealing with it:
these include the kiss make better (like them anyway!), an ice cream cone, the chocolanté cake remedy. 

Another thing to unlearn: distracting yourself from the emotions that precede the pain. (In other words, you got hurt for a reason—for instance to make an emotional hurt physical so you could see and deal with it better.) (I know, yuck!) For instance, to your inner child, its emotional pain would be worse than, say, the outer pain of a bumped elbow. 

Allow yourself the time you need to process the pain, unhook from the trigger, heal the real wound all the way through to a true healing. In a true healing, you release the reason for the wound, so you no longer need the wound, bruise, or disease. As an example, I've gotten rid of about 95% of my allergies this way. Specifically, I went from a time limit of 10 minutes outside to apx. 2 hrs .)

Often we interfere with our healing to get a quick fix. This isn't to say something to alleviate a headache isn't in order, but if that's all you do, you will never get over the headache (even if it goes away temporarily) because the reason for it remains.

A true healing goes through the pain (argh, gasp!) and comes out the other side. 


“Pretending is how you make life happen.”
(Sara Ryan-)



You do so have time to imagine yourself successful. 

Imagine yourself success-ful for a mere 1-1/2 minutes a day and you will have started a snowball of change towards success in your life. That's all it takes to start a change in your life. Do this for a week. Do this for a month, and see the results.


25th! Limited Edition of 

Sara's Wall Calendars

When I made my first calendar in 1982, I decided I'd go for at least 25 years of calendars. Well, this year (2006), I am there. Now what . .

The first calendar was printed on legal sized paper by a real printer and sold in Tallahassee, wholesale and retail. I only hand painted about 50 of the first calendars; the rest sold in sepia on ivory ArtTone paper.


As you can see, from the reprints here, it was an interesting year, with two December fourths . . . 



Greetings from the Tiger! 

Hope you are all super and having a scrumptious year! 

Merry fall, my favorite time of the year. Even though we only have a few pretty leaves—there are two on my door step now, even.

I have Visa and Master Card back, after a horrible experience with one company last year, I have a super nice company serving them this year . . . so they should really work.

May your life continue to sparkle with joy.



By 1983, the calendar grew in size (11x17) and  became my 'let the artist loose' project with torn pages, embedded stories, glued on leaves and birds and ties and sometimes even a way to hang them! 

Being the 25th anniversary calendar happening as you read, I had! to make it special. I wanted round, but just couldn't face cutting 1200 odd circles by hand one by one. So I settled for round pictures and months on good ol' square paper. See, sometimes I really am sensible!



Want to see the 





“Your happiness is not 

an expendable, frivolous luxury.”

Sarah Breathbach


Need some answers?

Don't we all?!

So, ask the cosmos.

Expect an answer.

You will get one.

They are all over the place.

The hard part is realizing which what your answer is. Clues: The answer rarely comes as a voice out of the clouds with a direct 'yes' or 'no', or even 'maybe'.

Often the answer comes as life happenings. Like one of mine did. I asked the universe about a possible windfall of $$$. The answer? I was driving along, later in the day, thinking of something else, when I came to a cross-roads—where an entire loaf of bread lay.

Wow! What an answer!
Which means, for one, if you are fluent in the language, of symbols, you'll have an easier time catching the cosmic answers, like loaves of bread and forks in the road (Yes, I have. It was gold plastic.)

Answers can also come in dreams—especially if you ask your question just before going to sleep. Asking out loud seems to help.
Other symbol answers can happen right in the middle of nothing important and seem to be only an irritation. Like my answer of spilling beans. Or the messenger bugs that come to tell you someone or something is bugging you—or whatever your buggy message might be. 

Or the frog on your pillow—No, really, and it was recent, too. I'm still looking for the prince that should! have been there instead! . . . now all I have to do is remember the question.

When you are looking, answers are everywhere.


“Creativity is the only action absolutely critical to the human species. ”

(Marsh Fisher)

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