Butterfly Thoughts


Thinking outside of the box takes you one step beyond the ordinary. Thinking outside the cocoon takes you two. The cocoon, in this case, meaning this life and the aspects of yourself you've chosen to explore this time around.

If you have Everything at hand, then you can create anything from it; you choose what.

Life doesn't arbitrarily put you in a box or a cocoon, you end up there through decisions and choices you make, actions you indulge in and what you decide to Believe is True. Back on the outside of the cocoon,

Everything is still there, and Anything can still be true.

Be brave enough to shake your butterfly wings free, soar around a bit, see what this Everything really looks like. See if there are some fun new choices you could make to live from a more Shining Self.


“Nobody here on earth can say game over to your dreams except you.”



New Products


One more product is in the works, an address book featuring 12 charming fairies. Not just any address book- you get extra pages for the letter of the last names in your family. The pictures are on Stardust white or ivory Speckletone. All other pages are printed on colorful, heavy, Astrobright® text.

The calendar is done, except for quotations-I am madly backing up, hoping the good doc doesn't vanish like last year! (I looked up the Easter confusion and my source had the day wrong, so I double-checked 2007 holidays. (Not that the dates won't leap around at night when I'm sleeping the day before I go to print the pages!)

Remember to vote on your favorite Christmas and Yule cards. I numbered them so you can call or email your votes in, if you prefer. Once I get the results, I will tally them and chose the four cards with the most votes and post the news on the web.

Speaking of the web. Check out our other articles and newsletters.




Summer Handprints 2006



"Butterfly Thoughts"

(water color)




the first language.



Gift Dilemma?



Graduations, weddings, showers, birthdays. What to give? What to give?
Gift baskets cover about any occasion, just choose a theme or think of when you had just graduated and put what you needed in the basket. Or think when you first married, had a baby, turned twenty-five, twelve . . what did you need or what would you have loved to get? Put the items in a gift basket with a fancy bow (and a Tiger's note card!) and you are all set.

Think books that relate to the occasion. A blank book might even be appropriate. Then there are the how-to books-from serious to silly. Or choose a pretty journal to capture graduation, shower, baby, or wedding moments.

Where is your grad going next? Does he or she need supplies for starting an apartment? Or does he or she need the all important starter groceries? 

If you want, you might even consider a computer as a gift-or periphels: a pack of cd's (if your person has a cd burner), a printer, paper.

Artists, I know from experience, always need paper, pencils, drawing pens, and love fun coloring items.

Then again, fun colors of pens makes a good gift for about anyone who is going to write . . . notes or their first Best Seller.

Hopefully this won't shock anyone, but for those without a lot of discretionary income, consignment shops and thrift shops can fill your gift basket or gift needs. (I often hit the dollar store for filling gift baskets and boxes with toys for any age.) 

If you take time, a handmade gift might add that special touch.
See Crafter's Corner for a  few crafty ideas from the Tiger. 

Still stumped? Put yourself in that person's shoes and think about what you would want or need if you were them.

Note cards make a fine gift, especially for people who have too many things . . . they can enjoy the cards, then pass them along with a nice note on them. Even boxes of Christmas cards make a welcome gift, if you are giving a couple weeks before Christmas. (Especially some nice hand painted cards by the Tiger!)

Some people really like getting the same gift each year-LIKE I DO THE WONDERFUL WREATH FROM MY NICE BROTHER IN MAINE EACH YEAR-(Is that a subtle hint or what!) Oh, like a calendar to go on a wall, desk, or in a briefcase. (The Tiger has four nifty styles.) A magazine subscription-providing the person has time to read a magazine . . .

No baskets? (Thrift shops usually have those in quantity, in good shape.) Use a pretty box-or cover a box with fancy paper, use a plant pot, a coffee can covered in stick- on paper, a gardener's carry thing. Browse a dollar store or similar place for more ideas.

Wrap a gift in colored tissue, pretty magazine pictures, make a collage on white tissue, use funnies, cloth, paper bags with raffia bows or natural decorations (leaves and pine cons, for instance). Use colored plastic wrap, laser cut foil, newspapers (no nasty headlines, please!). 

Decorate packages with beads, fringe, baubles. (Check the fabric section of stores to find fancy fringe, baubles, tassels on sale; all you need is a about a quarter yard for a normal-sized package.) 

Gather dried flowers (or fresh), ferns , pine cones, real leaves, and other natural pretties. (Make sure they contain no bugs!!)

Tie on fake leaves (you can use these as tags, as well), Christmas tree tinsel, shredded paper, shredded all-colors cellophane, curled ribbons.

Need a pretty, quick tag for your gift? Find an old card and cut out the picture-or cut a square or rectangle from the card. Punch with a one-hole punch and boink! you have a pretty gift tag.

Or get really creative and use a piece of pine bark, a dried leaf ... You think of something weird now. Oh, sure, you can!

And, above all, be creative, let your inner children loose, have fun!

And, remember, the word gift is not the word obligation. You aren't giving because you have to, you are giving to show you care.

A unique gift box from the Tiger full of magic, toys, and things to perk creativity.

Magic Muse Gift Box - $ 30*

Deluxe Gift Box - $ 50*

*plus p&h

NEW: Gift Baskets

from 25.00



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  • Gift Dilemma?

  • A Tiny Heart Seed

  • Traditional Anniversary Gifts

  • Recycle, Reuse



The Tiger's mission is to spark the awareness, empowerment, and creativity in all who wish to be self-aware, personally powerful, and creative in any area of life.


Rainbow Path


Hand Painted Note Card

single card $5 (includes p&h)

dozen $ 26 (includes p&h)

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