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Welcome to October 2006! and the full Hunter's, Blood, or Falling River Moon on the 7th (or 6th, depending upon your time zone).

October's Runic Half-months: Gyfo (Sep. 28-Oct. 12); Wyn (Oct. 13-27) . . . neither this rune . . .







October, month 8. Yawn on the name. Clearly our month namer ran out of creativity. But how? It isn't as if the world suddenly changed to Boring.

Coming up with 12 interesting month names shouldn't have been that difficult. After all, he could have named month 10 after it's patron Goddess, like June, calling it Astara.

Not that we all don't feel creatively drained at times. Artists call it artists block, writers call it writers block, people pretending not to be creative call it blocked—or, more desperately: brain dead. What happens?

Little support could be. We may have done too much without recharging. We might have done too little and gotten stagment. We might have run into a fierce, angry, or traumatized  inner kid trying to protect us from monsters no longer real—or still real that we pretend are not or are good guys. Life might have slapped us down.

The answer to the slump is simple but difficult sometimes to fit in our busy lives: we need to rest, recover, recharge . . . at our own paces. Not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Sit with yourself, vegetate, ruminate, meditate if you like, lounge and eat bon-bons. Love yourself a little.

If it is an inner kid protecting you, discovering the reason and dealing with the inner child's very real and current to them (even if forty years ago) problem. What is the reason the inner kid is upset? Is it still valid? How can you either work through the inner child's fear or dissolve (better solution!) its fears and move on.

Yes you can wait for a magical muse visit or someone else to pull you out of the doldrums, but, golly, it sure is exhilarating to be able to do this oneself.

If it is a life slap, you need to give yourself ample time to recover. That's not just the amount of time others think you need, but the amount of time you really need. Not everyone is affected the same way to the same depth by the same situation.

So, in a nut shell: Rest, understand, recharge all levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Renew.



You can't be a sorcerer all the time,
how could you live?

The rune Ing or Inuz means fertility—which needs no explanation . . . or does it? Fertility covers all life levels. Feeling unfertile. fallow, on any level is no fun.

This rune sparks with life's passion, excitement, and creativity. It roars with the joy of Being. It is ripe with promise, bursting with ideas, love, magic.

Your garden is ready, what will you reap?

To create is the ultimate experience.
(an ad)





People can only stand 

so much reality.

(Liza Manelli)


Happy 125th birthday to Picasso on October 25.

Happy Halloween and Samhain on October 31st.

October is National Reading Month (Don't I wish I could! read all month!!)

Think reading is safe? Ha! 11,234 people were injured last year (2005) while reading.


(We are very curious about how and have a magnificent imagination!)

Read Safely, friends!




The truest test of courage is to love.


(a changed quote)

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