Wind Cats


Today I am opening the door to wind cats. They ring the bell just like my physical cats. Let me in! Let me in!

Wind cats breeze through, taking dusty thinking with them. Let me out! Let me out!
They sing through the ferns and play with the wind chimes. Thung. Thung. 

They dash through the trees making the branches dip and wave. They chase their tails in the road, twirling up dust devils, then scamper away, chasing crispy leaves into the forest, where they stalk pine needles and butterflies blown off course.

Then they're back again, just like physical cats-Let me in! Let me in! Let me out! Let me out!


Tiger News


Yipee. Thank you, those who received and answered my early order letter, your enthusiastic response really worked. I have all my yearly products started. Some are even astonishingly advanced.

All but two 2007 calendar pictures are inked, ready to scan and tweak. As last year, six Goddesses (Cerridwen, Sophia, Brid, Oestara, Isis, and Durga), and six Gods (Hades, Daikoko, Ebisu, Dagda, Eros, the Oak & Holly Kings) will bedeck the calendar.

The Tiger's Planner has pictures all scanned and several articles done.
The cub-sized planner has weeks and days and is awaiting holiday, moons, and quotes. Those pictures are done, but I may add and subtract selected pages.

A multitude of Christmas and Yule card designs happened. Those are ready to neaten. If you would like to vote on your favorite designs (the four with the most votes will be 2006's designs), look for the Summer Handprints; I plan to put the choices in there.

I am also updating the Compete Catalog . . . which I had partly done last year and then CLUNK, my computer weirded out and, ha-ha, say the computer gremlins, so did the back-ups. (We are not amused!) So I am redoing about half the pages I had done.

The WEBSITE is getting a face lift of sorts, too. That is done, except I am awaiting an answer from my web server . . . If the spring pages aren't up when you get this: Soon! Soon! 

We have added several newsletters, including "Expect Magic" (March-May), the "Star To Stand On 3-D Success", "Word Wizard's Wander" (writing articles and how-to's.

I am considering a new look for the web site in the spring 2007, if I can pull it together. Also, coming in the summer will likely more newsletters and articles and, I hope, a fun, interactive writer's book making piece.

Spring Edition 2006

Ewhaz is the Norse rune symbolizing the horse and meaning movement in harmony with nature, through the day, through the week, through  life.

(The Norse runes are featured, this year, in the 
Expect Magic" post card newsletter. To see a sample copy: April Issue








What is the worth of anything but for the happiness it will bring?





Your greatest teacher is to live 

with an open heart.



A Name By Any Other Rose


A rose by any other name? . . . Consider a bouquets of georges.
Numerologists know that to change your name is to change your number is to change your destiny, your life. Wizards know a name holds power over you-and that everyone has a secret soul name, holding even more power.

We all know movie stars change their names, yet there's still a sense it's slightly risque, or cheating . . . Cheating destiny? 

If we aren't happy with our name, we use a nickname or our middle name. But, what destiny might we be cheating?

Check the following list for your name to see what that destiny might be. Whether we like our name or not, there is still power and meaning in it. Maybe you'll find your current name has nothing apparently to do with you, maybe you'll find a more appropriate, powerful, or creative name, or maybe you'll find your name is really cool...



  •  Amy, beloved

  •  Ann, grace & mercy

  •  Alicia / Alycia, truth

  •  Barbara, the stranger (a form of 'barbarian')

  •  Brenda, brand, sword, firebrand
     Brenna, raven maid

  •  Carolyn, manly (fem. Charles)

  •  Cheryl, beloved (French) or fem. of Charles

  •  Chloe, blooming, verdant

  •  Clara, bright, illustrious

  •  Connie / Constance, constant

  •  Deborah / Deb, the bee

  •  Diana, named of the Goddess

  •  Elizabeth / Betsy, consecrated to god

  •  Jan, gracious God

  •  Jane, God's gracious gift (fem. of John)

  •  Jean, (Scotch Jane) See above

  •  Jessica, rich

  •  Julie, youthful

  • Kathleen, pure

  •  Kelly, born on the farm in the spring

  •  Linda, beautiful

  •  Lisa, consecrated to God

  •  Leslie, from the gray fortress

  •  Lois, (Greek, unknown meaning)

  • or fem. of Louis, or a form of Louise

  •  Louise, famous in battle

  •  Lucy, light

  •  Madelyn, Madeline, the tower

  •  Maggie / Margaret, a pearl

  • Marlla, bitter

  •  Melissa, born of moonlight

  •  Nancy, grace

  •  Rosemary, for the herb; memory

  •  Sara, the contentious; Princess

  •  Susan / Suzanne, a lily

  •  Sylvia, forest maiden

  •  Tara, crag tower

  •  Wanda, the wanderer

  •  Yvonne, archer



  •  Alexander, helper of mankind

  •  Andrew, manly

  •  Barry, dweller at the ramparts

  •  Bert, bright

  •  Charles, man

  •  Clayton, from the town on the clay bed

  •  Clifford, dweller at the ford near the cliff

  •  Hiatt, Hyatt, from the high gate

  • Howard, chief guardian

  •  Jeff, God's peace

  •  John, God's gracious gift

  •  Kelly, warrior (Gaelic)

  • Mark, warlike; variation of Marcus

  •  Michael, for the Archangel Michael

  •  Norman, man from the north

  • Paul, little

  •  Peter, a rock

  •  Phillip, lover of horses

  •  Rick/ Richard, powerful ruler

  •  Ron / Ronald, mighty powers

  •  Shane, (sorry, my source lists the wrong page)

  •  Shaun/ Shawn, God's gracious gift (Irish John)

  •  Steven / Stephen, crown, garland


There, what do you think? Ready to change your name to something more fitting . . . more exotic? Or do you like your moniker and destiny after all?

Many Merry Holidays




I seem to buy one of those encourage-you-to-be yourself books every May. The latest one, This Time I Dance, by Tama Kieves, follows the story of a Harvard lawyer who leave the "good life" for her True Life.

This book, unlike many of them, doesn't have little exercises, it just inspires. Her use of words is intriguing and deligthful and lures one to the insights.

The chapter .titles are sparkling. The book offers tantilizing images, bits of laughter, and the feeling that, you, too, could be brave enough to go for your true life.

The only detractor for me was the bit overdone, in my estimation: "Look at me; see all I had, and I left it all just to be creative" attitude.

[Look at me, I just gritted my teeth and leaped into being creative my whole life, Sara grumbles.]

Some of my favorite chapter titles are: When Life Asks You To Dance, Say Yes; Transition Blues and Tender Greens; Catch On Fire And The World Will Catch On Fire With You.

I found many gems of wisdom in here, and stories that really did make me feel I could do . . . whatever.




If you really are a product of the materialistic universe, how is it you don't feel at home here?


(C. S. Lewis)



Book Marks

“Some people say life is the thing,

but I prefer reading.”

“I love my books as drinkers love their wine, the more I drink, the more they seem divine.”

Book marks

 1- Prefer Reading

2- Divine Reading

2.75 each plus p&h



The Tiger's mission is to spark the awareness, empowerment, and creativity in all who wish to be self-aware, personally powerful, and creative in any area of life.



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