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Welcome to March 2006 and the full moon in the charmingly persnickety sign of Virgo on the 14th.

Open your heart and breakthrough to wonder.




I started thinking about life milestones lately when I read a book that listed them as: buying houses, change in career, relationship choices.

When I think about life milestones, I think inner transformation. I keep a list of what I consider my largest inner milestones and, every so often, I cruise the list to remind myself how far I've come. 

Food allergies under control was a biggie in 1989; creative breakthroughs zap me every few years; life tools, like intuition, get unbound in repeated spirals, freer to freer.

With 4 basic energy levels, we can catch a milestone on any one. (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). So, what are your life changing-for-the- best mile-stones? How about listing so you feel good, too?




All serious daring begins within,



The Norse rune (shown above) Dag or Dagas represents breaking through to a high point: of life, the day, week, month, year. Open up to the best the universe offers; all things are possible in light and warmth.

A sudden inspiration, a realization, a catalyst touches you and you are at the next level without stepping up. You walk between worlds and out again, answers, realizations, inspiration following you.

You can't afford to hang out in a place that keeps you smaller than you are.
(Alan Cohen)



Where'd your' memory go? Maybe you're using the wrong one. We have at least five types and use two most.

These are:

Visual memory, which lasts ONE second! and audio  memory, which last five seconds.

So, if you want to remember from room to room, go audio.



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