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Welcome to September 2006, the last full moon of summer, and fall equinox (on the 22nd).


I am all that I am



We all, I think, lose self-pieces in childhood. Many of us lose our imagination (Stop daydreaming!) And creativity (That isn't the way it's done!) And intuition. (Stop imagining things!) 

Recently, I was pathwalking, looking at prebirth. I came across an odd-sized, amorphous, lumpy, twitchy, lost . . . whatever.

To discover what I had lost, to release the baby-self frozen in the lostness, I had to understand what had caused me to abandon it. That takes going through and feeling the emotions, for one. And going with (not disbelieving out of hand, for instance) baby's self's perception, while looking at the situation through eyes more physically understanding to figure out what really happened. 

I did. 

And a baby-self leapt out waving her arms and legs, jumping and down, crowing, "Oh, wow! Oh, wow! I'm going to be born again! It will be so much fun!! I can hardly wait!"

That wasn't what I expected.

What about you?



All knowledge is self-knowledge.

Mannuz, the rune of Man, of self, standing firm, being, living, dying, dancing, crying, wandering. Man is a bundle of possibilities and potential. Man can scale the heights of awareness or the depths, and all in between. We are all the darkness we fear, and the light we strive towards.
Self is the cage we live in and the ladder out.

Know myself?
If I knew myself, I'd run away.


There is no end, there is no beginning, there is only infinite passion of life.

(Fredrico Fellini)



You may think peanut butter was invented for school lunches. Nope. A St. Louis doctor concocted peanut butter for his elderly, toothless, protein deficient patients.



Do not make yourself so big; 

you are not 

so small.

(Jewish Proverb)

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