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Welcome to April 2006 and the full moon on the 14th in Libra, the see-saw sign of cosmic balance.

This month I am actually matching the card rune to a runic half month, which goes form March 30-April 19th.

Breathing is moving;

dancing is moving.


Last month, writing along, I became aware of an inner nattering . . . getting louder and louder. I paused to listen.

“Stop writing!” the inner voice shrieked. “You're using up the pen!”

Egad. Just how many pens does that inner critic want me to save . . . until the ink runs dry?

So, how are your inner critics this month? And, how many time, lately, have they stopped you in your tracks—writing or otherwise for using up the ink, your shoe leather, your inner passion?

So, how can you beat these inner meanies? One way is to really listen to what they are saying so you can laugh hysterically at their insane squawks about things that don't really matter.

After all, isn't that what pens, passion, and shoes are for?

To take us top our Dreams?



The world stands aside to let anyone pass who

knows where they are going.


(David Jordon)


This month's rune, Ehwaz, represents the horse and means movement through partnership. Humans in partnership with nature, creatures (including other people), and, as the rune is: the horse.

Horses walk, jog, lope, canter, gallop, run, trot, and sometimes stand still. Movement through life comes in a variety of flavors, including all the above. (Yes, sometimes standing still is really movement! . . . and sometimes it isn't.


Plod on and keep

the  passion fresh.


(George Meredith)


Olde Lore of  the

Qualities of the Days:


Monday, wealth

Tuesday, health

Wednesday, the best day of all

Thursday, losses

Friday, crosses

Saturday, no luck at all.



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