Fall 2006

The Cosmic Corner:

Imagination Magic

Welcome to Imagination Magic Issue 1

Dreamer Quiz- A Quiz For You


Are you an aware dreamer? Take this quiz and find out.

1. How often do you remember your dreams?

a) almost every night

b) about once a week

c) once in awhile

2. Do you dream in color?

a) almost always

b) sometimes

c) rarely

d) never

3. Are you always yourself (appear as you currently do) in your dreams?

a) often not

b) usually do

c) always

4. Do you enjoy your dreams?

a) usually

b) sometimes

c) almost never

5. Have you ever gotten an answer to a question or a solution to a problem in your dreams?

a) many times

b) several times

c) once or twice

d) never

6. Have you ever had a precognitive dream?

a) lots!

b) a few

c) one

d) no, never

7. What is the earliest dream you recall?

a) from childhood

b) from adolescence

c) the last 5 years

d) none recalled

8. Have you ever died in your dreams?

a) several times

b) twice

c) once

d) never

9. Have you ever changed your life because of a dream or had a dream that changed your life?

a) many times

b) a few times

c) once

d) never

10. Do you usually take an active role in your dreams?

a) usually

b) sometimes

c) rarely

d) never

11. Do you have repetitive dreams?

a) not usually

b) sometimes

c) rarely

d) endlessly


"A" answers are your high score, you aware dreamer, you. Congratulations, you are sparkling your life up by dreaming.

"B" answers. Good job, you can call yourself an Intermediate Dreamer, well on your way.

"C" answers, are about average, and "D" answers a bit less. 


Next season, the answers explained some.


Caught between the riddle

and the answer, 

there is no freedom.

(Patricia McKillip/ Riddle Master of Hed)

I saw eternity the other night, 

like a great ring of pure

and endless light.

(Ralph Vaughn)

Enlightenment doesn't care 

how you get there.


All my days are trances

and all my nights dreams.

(Edgar Alan Poe)

Dreaming permits each 

and every one of us 

to be quietly and safely 

insane every night of our lives.

(Charles Dement)

The next best thing to 

solving a problem 

is finding some 

humor in it.

(Frank A. Clark)



What would you do if you knew

it was impossible to fail?

(an ad)


If you would like to contribute to the "Imagination Magic", email your article to: thetiger@tigermoonpress.com. Articles or short poems on cosmic realities only. Put the article in the body of the email, use a sensible subject line so it doesn't get treated a spam. Currently payment is a note card or something comparable.


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