Newsletter of 3-D Success

Fall  2006


Color Your Way To Organization


Calendars are lavender, marketing is light green, projects for other people are in avocado, errands are in red.

Did you know that people remember more if it is color?

I started scheduling in color after reading an article on color and memory. It struck me as a perfect idea, and I have used it for the last two years.

What a difference it made in production and getting projects done. I was surprised. Besides, my inner kids like it a lot better.

Color helps you to track projects by allowing you to scan pages in your planner, picking out one particular color easily over the others. If I page through my planner and see I have no llight green for several weeks, I think oh-oh, you've fallen down on the marketing end again, you are going to be in deep trouble soon. So I rush to schedule in some marketing. Or I notice I just dropped the lavendar project and see the last step I did was not the end and I had better pick that project up again quick.

My winter catalog, which this is going in, is my dark blue project. It covers 2-3 hours a day until I complete it. That is another trick I learned--where was I when everyone else figured out that one line on the planner equals one hour? And to schedule projects for the amount of time they would take, not just fill in every line with something to do. Ever try to finish eleven three hour projects in one day?? How'd you do? Me either! And I kept feeling like I was falling behind and failing. Oh, how can one be so foolish. Eek!

Oh, my favorite color, planning wise is pink. It means play time!!!

Because planning in color worked so well for me, I am including a set of felt tip pens with this year's planners to get you started . . . or you can use them to color the pictures on the mortices.

Happy scheduling!



Hard work never killed anyone,

but why take a chance?

(Charlie McCarthy)





Worry For Fun


Everyone worries about the worst possible thing that could happen. I don't want to be like everyone else. I think I'll worry about the best possible thing that could happen.

Oh, no, what if I become exceedingly wealthy overnight and have to move into a castle and buy a giant yacht so I won't have an overload of money!
What if everything turned out to be my highest good?

Oh, no! It does. Now what can I worry about? Maybe nothing. 

Darn, I sure have a lot of nothing. How can I possibly use it all up? Whatever am I going to do with it all? What if the gods really favored me and gave me even more? Will I have to start giving it away just to keep up? What if I gave so much away my friends didn't need any more? What if I had to make new friends everyday just to keep up? What if I made so many friends . . .

What if I worried so hard I couldn't stop laughing?

If I couldn't stop laughing, I couldn't write this any more-

I am an old man and I have had many difficulties—

most of which  never happened.



The worst bankrupt in the world is the man who has lost his enthusiasm.


(H. W. Arnold)




Blessed is he who has 

found his work,

let him ask 

no other blessedness.




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