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Welcome to May 2006 and the full moon on the 13th in Scorpio, a moon which brings the odd people out . . .



To know how to live is all ny calling and all my art.



Before division,




When we think of cosmic messengers, we usually think: spirit guides, angels, and sometimes other people.
Animals, however, are often the easiest messenger to send our way. Each creature has an inherent message, as well as a personal message for you. Follows a list of the basic messages.
Cats - independence, communication, cleverness, unpredictability needed
Lizards - speed up, be sensitive, subtle (Geckos even have a voice).
Squirrels - energetic, active, prepared, gathering, sociable
Opossum - 'play dead' to stay safe, slow down
Racoon - try dexterity, wash your hands :), experts in self defense, disguise, & play!
Butterfly - joy, beauty, transformation, seize the
Hawk - soar high and see sharp
Ground hog - 
check boundaries



This month's rune, Sigel or Sowulo, represents Wholeness, power, victory, and the force of good—something that is not always fashionable to believe in any more.

But, your choice. 

Be the wholeness of your Self, choose from the wholeness of the galaxy, empower yourself by choosing the best in life. Choose to believe in good and you create the force of good in your life.


Life is either a daring adventure—or nothing.

(Helen Keller)



Better than sliced bread!


Otto Fredrick Rohwedder invented sliced bread in 1912,
but it didn't catch on until Wonder Bread sliced their bread.



All the animals, excepting man, know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it.




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