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Welcome to August 2006 and the Berries Ripen Even In The Night full moon around the 9th


Every end is 
a beginning




Like a spiral. Like peeling an apple from top to bottom and never breaking the spiral of skin. Peel the layers of gray vision-words away: 'I don't care', 'It doesn't matter', 'No one cares', 'No one ever listens'. All equally a dim vision of the world and its people. The grayed vision is no more real than any other. Heart visions sparks hearts, changes lives. Just by caring. Give of your elixir. Maybe this time will be different. Peel off a gray-layer and see. You make a difference—you always do— What difference would you like to make? Positive, I hope. One smile, one bright word, one sparkle in the eye will do it. When you sparkle away someone's gray layer, why do you think that would go any faster than sparkling away your own. Be brave, keep polishing. Just because some times it takes several life-times for the results to show, doesn't mean they don't count!



Our rune this month is Beorc or Berkana, which means birch tree. It symbolises purification, fertility, birth, rebirth. Bercha, the birch goddess initiates new beginnings. Are you ready? 
What will you begin? A new life? A new poem? A new attitude? A new clarity of vision?
The options are there. What will you choose?
Bring me my bow of burning gold. Bring me my arrows of desire.
(William Blake)



In case you want to hum along
. . . houseflies hum in the key of F
Aug. 1st is Lughnassadh, the first harvest fest

Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis. 

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)


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