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Welcome to July 2006 and the full Buck Moon rising around the 11th, in Capricorn, the clump-along, dance-along goat sign.


 Anything can be a gateway: a word, a thought, a dream.




If the answer isn't yes and no equally, then it isn't true. If there weren't two sides to a coin, how could you see it? Through the gateway of thoughts, what do you find? Chaos? Order? A mixture of both? It's all in your eyes. You find what you see. You see what you believe. What do you believe? Do you think it's true? Do you think thoughts are orderly and logical? But thoughts can leap from one side of the world to the other at the speed of an electron (or faster). Where do your thoughts lead you? Where do your thoughts leave you? Do you realize thoughts are energy and cause a physical effect in the world? What did you last think? What did you create with your last thought? Where did it go? Who did it touch? And did you make the world a better place with it? 



Roses have thorns 
and silver fountains, mud. 
(William Blake)

This rune, Thorn, means just what you might guess: the thorns in life. It also means Gateway.

Your security is under-mined, disorder reigns, and growth and change escape from your Pandora's Box. The thorny problem seems gigantic to you and you have to solve it . . . which then makes the rest of your life better. Looking back, vanquished, it is a shadow-monster.

Your thorns are the best part of you.
(Marianne Moore) 



Only 1% of earth's water is drinkable. Most of the world's water is consumed in the USA.

Dog days. the hottest time of the year, lasts from July 3rd till Aug. 15.

No problem is too thorny that it can't be run away from.

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