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Welcome to June 2006 and the full moon somewhere between the 9-12th depending on which calendar I look at.

For many merry odd holidays, see: Odd Holidays


What will you light 
with the torch 
of your life?




We all have creative fire. To some of us, the creative arts are as necessary as breathing. To many. peers, art teachers, or those in authority said, "You aren't creative." How silly! 

If you weren't creative, you wouldn't be alive. We create our lives. We create jobs, and cars, and crab grass for ourselves. We create problems. We create solutions.

When I think of creative fire, I think excessive creative fire— there are a few people I know who outpour art (and some people I don't know. <smile>).

They explore many mediums, many arts, delve into ideas full force, come up for air, and dive back in.
"We are all artists

 and creative dreamers."






“A single creative act 

can feed a continent.”
(C. P. Estes) 


This month's rune is Kenaz (Ken, Cen) and represents the torch of creative fire, of light, of transformation. Warmth, friendship, love, heart wisdom, creativity, enlightenment, all can be called light. A torch to light your Darkness. An out-pouring of fire, passion, love, creativity.

Nothing is more powerful 

than an idea whose time has come.



A surprise for those who think no one reads any more: children's book sales are up 100% since 1992, and paperback sales are up 425%!


Expect Magic Newsletter:


“When people were in the dark ages, they didn't say, "These are the Dark Ages, they said, these are modern times.”


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