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Lyrian Tales Series

(4 books)

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The prophecy calls the Four and the Thirteen to the pirate country of VokenTrac to return to Light and Love to the land.

A seven book series, of which 4 are published; the next book will be available in 2005

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Little Fox

(1 book)

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Little Fox discovers stories contain much more than mere words

How many stories does it take to create a new life?


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"Five of Swords"

(1 book)

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Leagard Tabor,  second-to-last of the Tabor Earthbrothers calls the Five Sacred Stones to return the power and joy to his land. Imagining he will get heroes, he gets 4 men and a minstrel.


How can an Earthbrother, sworn to peace, rid his land of invaders?




Written  and illuminated 


Sara Ryan

The Red Hill

(1 book)

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a timeless tale of faeries and mortals and the king who lived under the Red Hill


an illuminated manuscript done in Calligraphy

One there was an old and bitter King who lived under the Red Hill. But the King had not always been old and bitter. Nor had he always lived under the Red Hill . . .

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