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 Lyrian Tales Series


Book 0: 

"Light's UnWeaving"

Book 1:

"Four To The PowerLight"


"Light's UnWeaving"


Avelon, a lowly neophyte, is the Chosen One: the key to setting the prophecy in the loom of time . . .

"Four To The PowerLight"


From prince to thief, an ill-assorted group is drawn to a destiny set hundreds of years ago in a country not their own.

If he could stayed on his knees, he wouldn't run away screaming . . .

Would you like to read an excerpt or chapter from "Light's UnWeaving"?

Written  and illuminated 


Sara Ryan


Her father dying, her scying ability blossoming, and Dark portends in her tea . . .

Would you like to read an excerpt or chapter from "Four To The PowerLight"?

Books 2 & 3 are:


"Keys To Darkness"

"Keys To Light"


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Book 0 - $ 20

Book 1 - $25

Book 2 - $ 25

Book 3 - $ 25


What  do others say?


 I absolutely loved "Light's UnWeaving! When I first got it, I thought: what a beautiful cover. I looked through it at the pictures first. No one seems to realize that adults need books with pictures, too.

Then I began reading . . . what a magical experience.


M.N. Cook

Specs for Lyrian Tales Books

Book 0, "Light's UnWeaving" is apx. 350 pages and covers the setting of the destiny, the prophecy, and previews of The Four & The Thirteen.

Book 1: "Four To The PowerLight" is apx. 500 pages and covers the calling of the Children of Destiny together.

Book 2: "Keys To Darkness" is apx. 500 pages and covers the landing of the Children of Destiny in VokenTrac, the country they are to transform, and their meeting of the first two keys to the prophecy.

Book 3: "Keys To Light" is apx. 500 pages and covers the Children of Destiny's meeting with the Third and Fourth Key and the Masters of the Patterns of the land. 

Book 4 will be available summer or Fall of 2005 or so.

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In Case You Wonder . . .

All the Lyrian Tales books are printed on white bond with coated bristol covers. The first edition of each book have hand painted covers. (There are a few of book 1 left with hand painted covers.) If you really want a hand painted cover on your book, though, just ask.

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