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Little Fox discovers stories contain much more than mere words


How many stories does it take to create a new life?


Little Fox escapes his harsh life as a Logan Rover with little more than his life. Dreaming of discovering he bears the same talent as his name-kin, the legendary Fox Rogue, he heads for the wizard school in Retrieve, Gallimaufry.

Between him and his dream lies Imbroglio, a country that captures sacrifices for their goddess; Brade, collectors of slaves for their mines; and Throve, known for press gangs.
In Brade, he finds five friends and a talent for storytelling. In his dreams he finds a story teacher.

From story to tale, lesson to lesson, Little Fox walks the path of a Noman Storyteller. Yet each lesson learned and each trial passed, loses him a friend until his last lesson when only his storyteacher is left. A storyteacher Little Fox isn't sure really exists. 

Then comes his final trial: his storyteacher says, “Come find me.”

Little Fox knows his storyteacher lives on the prairie, but the Noman Prairie is wide . . . and he still has his original dream to touch first.

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}Little Fox" is a 634 page, hard cover, spiral bound book containing 25 full color illustrations of the various characters. It is printed on white bond.

(Yes, some parts are printed in different color inks.)

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