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cub-sized desk calendar

week-in-sight desk calendar page for  2009

(to see the calendar page in a larger size, click on the image)

and sample card picture, this one is a full color print of a pastel

the cards are set up with 'Kind Words' beneath

Cub-sized Desk Calendar in 3 styles 

  1. cub-sized, week-in-sight (shown)

  2. one week in sight calendar journal

  3. two-week-in-sight engagement calendar

Either the week-in-sight calendar page or the engagement calendar page can be used in the calendar journal, specify your preference.

What You Get

  • 13 Hand Painted note cards

  • 13 full color print note cards

  • 52 kind-word weeks

  • holidays & moons with signs & degrees


32.00  (plus p&h)


The engagement calendar has the days split into: morning, afternoon, evening

The calendar journal is set up like the week page and is for writing down amusing stuff you do, see, and be each day


 Each cub-sized desk calendar contains:

  • laminated full color cover

  • current year on a convenient fold-out pg

  • handy pen-holding pg.

  • frequently called numbers fold-out pg.

  • Front & back pockets to hold notes & memos

Price: $ 32.00  (plus p&h)

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