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Planners for 2008

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Cub-sized Planner 

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"Better Yet"

week-in-sight planner

"Soul Sparks"

month-in-sight planner

"One Kind Word"

Week-in-Sight Cub-sized Desk Calendar

Check inside

32.00 (plus p&h)

Check inside

25.00 (plus p&h)

Check inside

32.00 (plus p&h)



  • Both Tiger-sized Planners Include:

  • 12 HAND PAINTED, channeled illustrations
  • myriads of cheery, inspiring, empowering quotes 
  • 12-13 Heart-Money-Star essays with lots of fancy, fun pages to figure your financial fortunes on
  • 12 full months
  • Entrepreneur's Pages



  • This Year's Cub-sized planner NOW WITH CARDS as pictures!!

  • your frequently used phone numbers page

  • a handy pocket inside the back cover for your random scraps of important notes

  • cosmic energy


Want one? CALL:

1-800-848-2066 (roar)

(roar, 7627, is the access code)


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