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Recycled, Reused


Recycled, Reused

Yes, we recycle and reuse; I just don't say so because I assume recycling.
Most of our cards are printed on recycled paper. All of our regular catalogs, and the fall flyer uses recycled paper.

All packing materials are reusers (except the Priority boxes-and some of those are, too).

Most year's calendar pictures are printed on recycled paper.

If you ever get a letter from the Tiger, we are still using up the dozen or so 500-count boxes of perfectly good envelopes (except for the return address of a political candidate) that were headed for the land fill.

After all, I was brought up in New Hampshire where the rule is use it at least twice before you even consider tossing it in the trash.

The Earth

Love and Hugs to Mama Earth 


the Tiger



“You will only 110% of the time come to the conclusion that you are the willing victim of an insincerely melodramatic scenario of your imagination. ”

(Ron & Gold)


A Tiny Heart-Seed

Tucked way deep in a dark, dark corner of the deepest cellar, carefully hidden from all the world. Hidden from the eyes of the ridiculer, the words of the iceman, the touch of the predator . . . Is a tiny, bright seed. 
You've saved this seed ever since you were young, carefully protected against all takers, against all the "facts', and the brutal realities of the terminally blind. 

You kept this tiny seed sealed in a little chest, and made sure that the chest didn't look important-sort of dirty and battered and even a little grimy. But, inside, the tiny seed is golden. And still good.

If you take the seed out and plant it in the dirt of your experiences and water it with your emotions-tears and joys-it will still grow.

It doesn't look like much, this tiny seed, but don't be fooled, it is the key to your entire life, to your joy, and wonder and satisfaction and fullfillment.

It is the seed to your Life Dream.


A Tradition of Anniversary Gifts



Anniversary gifts. I knew about traditional gifts, but where could I find the list?

I trekked to the library and after cruising the shelves for some time, found three books with partial lists.
Those lists went up to the 50th, with some spotty gift giving starting at the 20th anniversary. Later I found another two lists that, together, made it all the way to 50 before limping in at five year stretches to the 75th.

Since I actually know some couples over the 50th mark, I've included all the years and gifts I could find.

(No list went over the 75th anniversary-If anyone knows anyone married over 75 years, I'd be curious to hear about it!)

In the following list, the first item is the traditional gift, the second is the modern. For the later years, after the 20th, the lists I found didn't distinguish modern from traditional.
1, paper*; clocks
2, cotton; china
3, leather; crystal or glass
4, fruit or flower; electrical appliance
5, wood (tree?); silverware
6, candy** or iron; wood
7, wool or copper; desk sets
8, bronze or pottery; linens or lace
9, pottery or willow; leather
10, tin or aluminum;
diamond jewelry
11, steel (steel tools even; jewelry
12, silk or linen; pearls
13, lace; textiles or fur (fake fur, okay)
14, ivory; gold jewelry
15, crystal; watches
16, silver holloware
17, furniture
18, porcelain
19, bronze
20, china; platinum
21, brass or nickel
22, copper
23, silverplate
24, musical instruments
25, silver; silver
26, original pictures
27, sculpture
28, orchids
29, new furniture
30, pearls; diamonds
31, a time piece
32, conveyances, even
33, amethyst
34, opal
35, coral; jade
36, bone china
37, alabaster
38, beryl or tourmaline
39, lace
40, ruby
41, land!
42, improved real estate
43, trips
44, groceries
45, sapphire
46, original poetry tributes
47, books
48, opticals, like: eyeglasses, telescope, kaleidoscope
49, luxuries of any kind
50. gold
55, emerald
65, diamonds
75, diamonds
That's it.

Time Feathers

(a poem)


time feathers
whisper in the 
of my mind
drawing new roads of
thoughts with a 
sure hand.
Feather by feather
eventually I'll be 

--Sassy Lake

New Stationery

for Summer 2006



"Dandelion Crossroads"


Also available:

matching address labels


"Heart of Gold"


Labels $5

Stationery $5 (pad of 48 shts)

Stationery Gift Box $9.50*


*plus $5 p&h (up to 4 pads or call)


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Names Not There Last Issue, Egad!

Some names got chomped when that article frapped, some I just spaced out entirely.

  • Here are the ones I know weren't there:

  • Kathleen: pure

  • Mark (Tristan's uncle) warlike; a variation of Marcus

  • Howard: chief guardian

  • Marlla; bitter (maybe I should have left that one off this time too!) 

All work herein,  copyright Sara Ryan 2006

All rights reserved. No portion of this newsletter may be copied, printed, or used in any manner. Thanks.

last revised: October 12, 2008



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