Gift Baskets

Go for easy this year

 Delightful Gift Baskets Chock Full of great Tiger products.

in 3 sizes, one for everyone on your list.

(Real Picture available 

after I pack the next one...)

A basket of Tiger goodies, 

what could be more fun!

This year, delight and surprise your friends

and family with a basket of niftie-gifties 

chosen with them in mind.



Nifite Giftie Basket  $30

(a $40 value when goods are purchased separately)

Tiger Deluxe Basket  $50

(a $60 value when goods are purchased separately)

Tiger Special Basket $75

(a $90 value when goods are purchased separately)

Also available: The Magic Muse Kit which can be personalized with recipient's name and muse: Creator, Artist, Writer, Seeker...

To see Muse Kit details.

To order, specify male/ female and age and size. Optionally, to get an even better filled basket: specify any preferences of recipient such as: they like cats, dogs, or don't like unicorns, hate fairies, love books. If a particular product catches your fancy, and you say so, we will try to put that in the basket, but we can only guarantee to put in what is available for immediate shipment.

All baskets come wrapped decoratively in tissue paper with curlie ribbons and a ready-to-go gift tag.

Gift Baskets may contain any of the Tiger's goodies. To see what might be in the basket, cruise through the Tiger's studios


NOTE: Baskets are various shapes and sizes.

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