A Wonder Of Words

“There are gems of thoughts that are ageless and eternal”

0top quote by Cicero)

 Do you like quotes as much as I do?

Then get 

"A Wonder of Words" 

and indulge!


“.Everything in life respond to the song of the heart.”

((words by  e. Holmes)

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"A Wonder Of Words"


A second collection of my favoritest of favorite quotes

100 illustrated quotation pages (60 in full color),

 100 full pages of quotations to 

inspire, encourage, 

and make you giggle . . .

We must to be the changed we  wish to see. 

((words by Mohandas Ghandi)


“You just have to throw a fear out the window.”


((words by )


compiled by

Sara Ryan

Being treated and is about coming to the canvas of our lives with delight, and abandon and untrapped imagination. at the by using or gives in the service of others extravagantly from our center.”

((words by Jan Phillies.)

Specs; "A Wonder Of Words" is "perfect" bound, printed on white bond; 5.50" x 8.50"; apx 210 pages, half in full color; quotations are indexed by author who said them.


$20 each

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"Quote Fantastic!"

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“We have been told that if we venture out, we'll will fall off the edge. Some of us have ventured out and we haven't fallen off yet”. 

(words by 

If I am going to fall, 

let me be a falling star.

(words by Sara/ "Cie")


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