Quote Fantastic!

“There are gems of thoughts that are ageless and eternal”

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0top quote by Cicero)

 Do you like quotes as much as I do?

If so get:


Quote Fantastic!

“Find the seed in your heart and bring forth a flower.”

(words by Shigenori Kameoka)

"Quote Fantastic!"


A collection of my favoritest of favorite quotes

100 illustrated quotation pages, 100 full pages of quotations to 

inspire, encourage, 

and make you giggle . . .

The happiest miser on earth is the one who stores up every friend he can make.

(words by Robert Louis Stevenson)


“Why not practice living as if we were supremely intelligent?”


(words by 

Richard Bach)

compiled by

Sara Ryan

“By the light of the moon, my friend peirrot, lend me thy pen to write a word; my candle is out, I've no more fire, open your door to me.”

(words by DuMaurier)

Specs; "Quote Fantastic!" is "perfect" bound, printed on white bond; 5.50" x 8.50"; apx 203 pages, 1/3 illustrations in full color; cover is Hand Painted; quotations are indexed by author who said them.


$20 each

See Edition 2:

A Wonder Of Words

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Don't leave my hand without light. 

(words by Marc Chagall)

Let me light my lamp, said the star, 

and never debate if it will

light the darkness.

(words by Rabindranth Tagore)


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