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 The most adorable cats in the world!

The Tiger's Cute Cat Contest is closed to votes. The winners are...

Grande Prize Winner

(to the left)


whose person is:

Julie Salamon

Julie Salamon will receive a "Cat Of The Century cat Baby Book" with a picture Coby on the front and a dozen note cards starring Coby.

Julie says: “Coby is very curious and playful.”

First Prize (below)

Second Prize (below)


whose person is: Shanda Robinson  

Triaton will be featured in the Tiger's Winter Catalog and Shanda Robinson will receive a dozen note cards starring Triaton.

Shandra writes: “This is a picture of my perfect little man Triaton. He is always an eye catcher, and loves all the attention he can get! He is a 7 year old Purebred Birman. I personally think he would look great on stationery. :)”


will be in the 2004 spring catalog, and the Getchells will receive a half dozen cards starring Butterscotch.

Artist's Holiday Pick


 whose person is  T. K. ANderson

T.K. writes: “His name is Moon (a.k.a. Santa Claws), and he's a Manx Tabby.”

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See their note cards, memos, stationery!

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Thanks! to the Cat People 

that sent pictures of their fluffy & adorable darlings.

(They sure are!) 

And thanks to the people who voted!


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