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The Selkie is a shapechanger who comes from the sea as a seal and, on shore, takes off his seal skin and becomes human.


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The Blodwedd is a maiden made from the flowers of oak, broom, and meadowsweet for the Celtic sun god, Lugh.


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Taleisin is the most famous Celtic bard who possessed wisdom, intuition, and knowledge. He is a patron of poets, bards, and shapechangers.

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 The Minataur is the son of a Cretian king Minos, who shut his unsightly son in a labyrinthe. 


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The Kitsune is a Japanese fox-maiden. The strongest (to magic) kitsune had nine-tails. They win and lose tails by going on quests, and for every 100 years they live.




Pandora, a maiden fashioned of clay, was given a box full of gifts from all the gods and told not to open it as a punishment to Promethus for giving mortals fire.

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