Quote Notes

& Stickers

 All stationery designs are available as memos or quote notes..
All stationery is availbable: black on colored paper or full color on ivory or white paper.




Badger Moon Realities Satyr Babe

Sorceress of Flames

Fire Moon Dog

Unicorn Castle


Maine Moose

Stationery & Memo


50 Sheet Color Pads

  • contain 50 full color design sheets on ivory or white bond paper

Stationery Gift Box

  • contain 20 design sheets in full color

  • 20 envelopes

  • 20 matching stickers

Star Dancer

available as stationery, memo, or sticker; or in a set of all 3

Stationery & Memo

Black on Colored Bond

50 Sheet Pads

  • contains 50 design sheets printed in black on various colors of bond


    Quote Note & Memo Pockets

  • contains 50 design sheets in full color on ivory or white bond in a note card or postcard folder

See more stationery See Stationery Book

Memo, Quote Note Prices:

  • 48 sheet pad, black print on colored bond   $2.25

  • 48 sheet pad, full color  $3.25

  • gift box of 4 personalized pads, with note card - $ 12

Sticker Prices:

  • 25 stickers, all one design, full color  $3.00

  • 25 stickers, B&W,  assorted or all one design (most designs) $2.25

Stationery Prices:

  • 49 sheet pad, black print on colored bond   $3.75

  • 48 sheet pad, full color  $6.95

  • gift boxes  $8.95

Memos are 4.25" x 5.50"

Stickers sizes vary

Stationery is 5.50" x 8.50"

Price for Sets

  • 48 sheet pad of stationery & quote note pads, plus a package of matching stickers (all same design)  

  • color set (boxed) : $ 8.95

  • Black on colored bond set (in a folder) : $6.95

specs: stationery, memo, & quote note pads are printed on bond paper; gift pocket color stationery is printed on fancy paper; black print is on various colors of bond; envelopes are either white, ivory, or random colors to match the stationery paper.


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