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When I'm feeling down or scattered, I pull out my deck of life cards. In it I have allies, timely advice from mentors, encouragement from artist's whose work I admire, reminders that all probably isn't lost, and encouragement and pointers from my spirit guides.

Last summer I was hunting a keep-going anyway sign in my deck when I thought: I bet other people feel flat and lost as I do sometimes. Maybe they, too could use a deck of Life Cards.

So I made copies of my favorite cards--and ones I find most useful . . . and think others might, too and here they are. A deck of 54 Life Cards just in case you get a little down, discouraged, or frustrated too.

The Magic Life Cards are intended to be cheery and encouraging looking and non-threatening, so you'll add your own, because my word flatness and confusion is not necessarily your world flatness and confusion. 

So I added a bunch of blank cards to make a full deck of 60 and put them in a cheery box whether you draw the or collage them or cut quotations and pictures out of magazines.

Life Cards - words to LIVE by.

Spirit channeled.

Deluxe boxed Basic starter set 60 cards $20.00

  • Creator's Deck
  • Survivor's Deck
Add on sets: (these come in paper pockets)
  • Quotations
  • Writers
  • Poets
  • Artists
  • Minstrels
  • Interactive set
  • Blank cards
Basic Magic Life Card deck is in full color on Stardust white cover stock, coated, blank cards are various colors of cover stock (uncoated so you can write and draw on them), includes a set of 6 felt tips pens. round corners.


Elegant Handmade Box

Silk covered box holds 100 life cards $15.00

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From the Creator's Deck

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From the Quotations Set

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