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Unicornation (1)

“Like the unicorn, which cannot be tamed . . . ”



By Royale Proclamation of the Queen of Unicornia

Let it be hereby known that and in order to combat the erroneous rumors put forth by Other Worlds that unicorns do not exist...

Therefore by Royale decree has the sovereign nation of Unicorn hereby and forthwithly with due process; publicly distribute portraits of the most notable and most common of unicorns that do abide in our fair nation.

Thereby quashing once and for all. said  erroneous rumors.


A rare portrait of the wizard Ziophilolanyan, who claims to be over seven thousand years old, and one of the unicorns who was drivern into the sea by the Red Bull.

In fact, he tells of then being caught in an undertow and whirled into the Lost Kingdoms, where he mastered the fourteen arts of Wizardry.

The Queen

This informal portrait of our Queen, Sapphire, The Just is a print of the famous portrait executed by our most famous artist, the Mystic Artist Asiba Delamane.


A charming candid portrait of a young unicorn at play in the Everspring Woods, just east of the Rainbow River. where Asiba Delamane makes her summer home.

Windswept Lady

This self portrait is of and by the famous and beloved mystic artist, Asiba Delamane.


Beloved Prince Firesinging poses for this imnspirational poster depicting a traditional stance for greeting the enemy. The oringial painting is by renown artist, HeartedHand, is in the Palace Guard Arms Barracks Pavilion.

Six of Unicorns

This merry dance is part of the Festival, Dance of the Feast of Spring, celebrated on the spring eclipse. The dance is begun during the dark of the eclipse and continues until the sun returns, thus siring the popular phrase to "dance till the sun returns". 


In her favorite place, the palace kitchen herbal garden, the lat4est addition to the Royale Family, is the three month old, Princess Merriweather Joy, affectionately known as Buttercup.

Ye Royale Guard

This portrait of a guard of the eastern barrier is by renown  artist, Hearted Hand.




cards are 

4.25" x 5.50"

printed on ivory stock

Rainbow Moon Ride

Another festival favorite is the Rainbow Moon Ride. Points are given for the jump that clears the moon by the barest trace; rainbows of course, constitute extra points. A special gold medal is given for the rare night rainbow. Show here is the current champion, Chased Winged-Heels

All cards are 


Limited Editions

of 500/500

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