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the Questing Book


the Questing Book

for the Knight who is past windmills  . . . but not quite ready to brave the wild unknown . . .


"the Questing Book"


Once upon a time in every far away land, every prince or princess, worth their salt, went on a quest. Not to mention every aspiring magician's apprentice. And they all took along their trusty questing book.

Long ago and faraway, the first thing a quest entailed was figuring out what everyone else—who obviously knew and just weren't saying—just seemed to know: what constituted a quest.

Written  and illuminated


Sara Ryan

But now all you lucky seekers, princes, princesses, or aspiring magicians, here, in one handy volume is what everyone just naturally knew back then: the components of a quest.
The Questing Book contains few components magically captured in words and images for you to experience at the opening of a page.
Yes, oh seekers, this book, replete with all your basic monsters, demons, temptation and requisite evil beasties, is just what you need to get your quest off in the proper and approved manner.
So, pack your crust of bread, gather your blessings, whip on your cloak (of apathy, love, courage—or whatever color you prefer) , strap on your armour (of whatever brand you choose: Sweet Sue, Not Here, Rough n' Tough), and head for the stars( within) to find your fortune (also within).


How to use the Questing Book:

Think of an answer.

Open the book randomly.

There is your question.


(Or is it really an answer??)

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What do others say?


I just got the Questing Book. It's wonderful! I find it such a good personal support as I work and live in Ghana, West Africa. Thank you for sharing your talents and insights. 

--A.E. Olesky-Oikuta

Book Specs: the Questing Book is hand bound and sewn, with a hard cover, printed on ivory faux parchment. Book size is 7" x 8.5". Each copy is autographed by the author/artist. 

the Questing Book contains over 300 pages.

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