Voices of Light

 Poems by Keith Sikora


Late Summer Moon

Luminous lunar globe

Late summer darkness glows,

Celestial soft shimmer,

Cast silver shadows,

Upon shroud of ebony skies

Satin sheer naked night exposed,

To dream vision of earthen eyes,

Wistful wishing down here below.


Poem by Keith Sikora

Voices of Light

52 word-magical poems about nature, the  cosmos, and its creatures by Keith Sikora. 

48 full color & elegant black & white Illustrations by Cathy Buburuz & Sara Ryan

Saturn Moon  by Cathy Buburuz

Voices of Light is apx. 100 pages printed on white or ivory bond, sized 7' x8.50'.

Keith Sikora has been published in several anthologies and magazines. 

Cathy Buburuz is a Canadian artist well known in the world of small press. She specializes in horror art and writings and is editor of: Expressions, an online 'zine.

 Sara Ryan has had both art and writings published in the small press.

Price: $ 20.00
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